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Desaster – Hellfires Dominion [original]


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Original Merciless records. First press without barcode Desaster play Teutonic black thrash metal, the kind that comes brimming with the spirit of yesteryear and a few jugs of beer to boot. This is old school but also fresh by todays metal standards with roots stretching from black metal of today to the black metal and thrash of 1980s; this is one of metals finest and proudest moments. Desasters spirited entry is a call to arms, they fly the metal flag high with choruses such as “bullets, chains, spikes and leather, metalized blood” and there is no mistaking what you are getting – whiplash! Hellfire’s Dominion is classic blackened thrash, you get a good dose of speed, mixed with the mid tempo enslavement – I refer to it as enslavement because you just cant resist those riffs; they chain you into a pit of insanity where the Okkultos tormented cries rule supreme. His vocal style rather similar to Cronos of Venom, only more possessed and blasphemous with a touch of Schmier from the early days of Destruction with the way he shifts to the higher notes (though not as high). Track listing: 1. Intro 2. In The Ban Of Satan's Sorcery 3. Expect No Release 4. Teutonic Steel 5. Metalized Blood 6. Thou Shalt Be King 7. Hellfire's Dominion 8. Past Present Forever 9. Castleland 10. Across The Bloodfields

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