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Desolation Angels ‎–Sweeter The Meat mlp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 500 copies

Desolation Angels was originally formed in 1981, towards the tail end of the hugely successful NWOBHM period, they never achieved the success they certainly deserved, thanks to a huge amount of line-up changes and sour deals (how often has that been the case?). Unlike others they did soldier on, in one form or another until 1994, even spending six years in the US! After a hugely successful retrospective album was released in 2008 original guitarists Robin Brancher and Keith Sharp put a new line-up together and they have been patiently working their way back upwards since, playing to ever more fervent audiences at gigs in the UK and abroad. ‘Sweeter The Meat’ is the result and if you love proper Heavy Metal with a great melodic feel then it will be a grand purchase for you. Desolation Angels were never just a NWOBHM band and that remains the case. They always managed to incorporate a slightly US Heavy Rock sound into their music and there is very little to gripe about on this EP. Robin and Keith are joined here by Clive Pearson (bass), Chris Tarka (drums) and the great vocals of ‘Curly’ Davies. All five songs have great riffs, everything is catchy and it’s well produced. Opening with the title track is a good move as it’s the most uptempo song here, has a great middle eight and introduces you to the new version of the band in thumping style. ‘Metal Man’ is very Saxon sounding (so of course I love it) and ‘Medusa’, ‘Archangel’ and ‘Set Your Spirit Free’ all follow in quick and bruising succession. There are some great guitar solos, again reminding me of Saxon’s Paul Quinn, never a bad thing, and the whole EP is played with plenty of passion. ‘Sweeter The Meat’ is a great comeback

Track list:
1. Sweeter The Meat
2. Metal Man
3. Medusa
4. Archangel
5. Set Your Spirit Free
6. Enchanted Dreams

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