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Destroyer 666 – Unchain The Wolves


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This is Destroyer 666s debut album and it is indeed worthy of great praise. Destroyer 666 blend all different types of metal together to make themselves a colossus in the metal world. This album is more Black/Thrash, but it still has a little Death mixed in for good measure. The songs themselves are angry and spit in the face of all that is good. There are two epics on here, and the rest of the songs aren't slouches either. Genesis To Genocide opens the album and it is the first epic to appear on here. This track is just massive. It incorporates all Destroyer 666's influences. I especially like the bass work in this song. It's not your average single root note of power chord bass, but it does something interesting things. Australian And Anti-Christ is a short, menacing little number. It starts off with the sounds of a witch burning? with chants of confess! confess! and then a nice little fuck you! The song itself is consisted of some blast beats at the beginning, then picks up a nice thrash pace. The chorus is especially catchy. Overall this album is just great. The vocals are on the black metal side, and they are absolutely ferocious and hateful. I urge any fan of Metal to pick this album up, no matter if you like Black, Death, Thrash, Power, etc. You must own this album. Track listing: 1. Genesis To Genocide 2. Australian And Anti Christ 3. Satans Hammer 4. Tyranny Of The Inevitable 5. Six Curses For A Spiritual Wasteland 6. Unchain The Wolves 7. Damnations Pride 8. Onward To Arktoga

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