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Destruction -Bestial Invasion Of Hell lp


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Black vinyl with insert, photo, and poster. Limited 250 copies

Well. This is where it all started. Where should I begin? After all there is so much positive stuff that can be said about this demo. This demo was way ahead of it’s time and set the standard for German thrash metal. Heavily influenced by both Venom and Slayer. Destruction combined the best traits of both bands and constructed a masterpiece. It’s machine gun intro warns the listener they are in for a war. Mad Butcher, which would become one of their biggest hits, starts off the demo and what a great song it is. Innovative riffs, a blistering solo and Schmier’s vocals make this one worthy of all the praise it gets. Next up is Total Desaster. This one features one of thrash metal’s most recognizable choruses as well as lead riff. Antichrist is next. This one would appear later on their full length debut. But as is usually the case, this version is much more brutal and gut churning. After that is a song called Front Beast. A song that appeared only on this demo and I can see why. It is very forgettable with no standout riffs or a memorable chorus. Satan’s Vengeance is our next track. This one, as Mad Butcher and Total Desaster was rerecorded for their debut EP Sentence of Death. But as was the case with Antichrist, Satan’s Vengeance is more deadly on this demo. Wrapping up this album is Tormentor. It begins with a killer drum arrangement and some very innovative riffs. Another song that was rerecorded for the debut LP and one that became a big hit with fans of all kinds. To sum it up, this demo is mandatory for any Destruction fan. It has a great punkish vibe as well as a blistering thrash attack! I really enjoyed this one.

Track listing:
1. Mad Butcher
2. Total Desaster
3. Antichrist
4. Front Beast
5. Satans Vengeance
6. Tormentor

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HRR 822

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