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Destruction – Release From Agony


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Destructions third album was a bit more technical then the first two albums and its hell of an impressive album. Everything is clearly defined and production is great, every instrument can be heard perfectly making for some of Germany's best thrash ever. Destruction's riff master Mike goes on full gear here, so there is about 15 riffs a song! The album starts out with "Beyond Eternity" a great little intro that shows Harry is a great new addition to the band and is no slouch at shredding. This sets the mood with some classical soloing and goes into the title track, Listen to that first riff. Insane Thrash right there. Schmier is at the best in his career he with power shrieks and whatnot and this is shown right from the beginning. Amazing thrash break and then a nice solo top it off and we have some of the best thrash ever. The album continues the same way and finish off with ‘Survive To Die’ and its probably the catchiest thing on here. What we have here is one of the highlights of Destruction's career. Everyone puts out there full abilities on this album. If you like thrash don't hesitate to get this. Track listing: 1. Beyond Eternity 2. Release From Agony 3. Dissatisfied Existence 4. Sign Of Fear 5. Unconscious Ruins 6. Incriminated 7. Our Oppression 8. Survive To Die

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