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Destruction -Tales Of Morbid Brains box [10 lp]


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Massive box with 9 picture discs, a 60 page book, Live Dynamo 10”, poster and patch. Limited 666 numbered copies

Destruction, one of Germanies finest thrash act. They might not received the same commercial success as their countrymen Kreator and Sodom back then but they were definitely one of the dominating forces of teutonic thrash metal back in the 80s. Their early albums still qualify among the crème de la crème of the decade’s speed metal and the band have come back strong and still one of Germanys finest thrash acts. This box set features the bands first 9 albums and a massive book and a 10 vinyl featuring material reorded live at the Dynamo Open Air 1987.

LP list:
1. Bestial Invasion Of Hell picture disc
2. Sentence of Death picture disc with European artwork
3. Sentence of Death picture disc with American artwork
4. Infernal Overkill picture disc
5. Eternal Devastation picture disc
6. Mad Butcher picture disc
7. Release From Agony picture disc
8. Live Without Sense picture disc + 7”
9. Cracked Brain picture disc
10. Live Dynamo Open Air 1987

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High Roller Records

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HRR 725

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