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Desultory -Into Eternity MC


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Polish pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with white text.

Poland is probably the country that had the most record labels in the world that only released cassettes. But even though there were lots of labels the market was still small as they only printed these for their own market inside of Poland. And a label in one town maybe lacked the distribution for another town and so on. A Warzaw or Krakow label might print more copies of a tape then labels from a smaller town. So even if there are thousands of releases you will notice how rare some are if you start to try to list the catalog number of one particular label. Some cassettes just rarely shows up. One of the bigger cassettes labels were Takt Music in Warsaw and another one was MG Records, which was a sub-label of GM Records (both used the same logo during the early 90s). Just like Takt they started in 1990 and existed up until 1994 and during those 4 years they released approx 3000 tapes. Under the name of GM Records they started a pressing plant in Poland after these cassette years was over.

Sodertalje, Stockholm based death metal band formed in 1989 released three demos and one mini album before they got signed to Metal Blade. The first real album for the new label was Into Eternity in February of 1993. The album saw Dismembers Matti Karki aiding on backing vocals for the track Depression. The album has all the earmarks of the classic Swedish Entombed/Dismember death metal sound but with a high emotional awareness. Into Eternity is a really fascinating album, and quite enjoyable at that, easily ranking up there with the best of Swedish death metal. It is a refreshing, intriguing, and ultimately rewarding listen in both the mechanics of the execution and the feelings generated from the expression. In the realm of intelligently composed, instrumentally exceptional, beautifully atmospheric, and melodically aware death metal of genuine expression, Desultory’s debut, though unassuming on the surface, is a rare gem to be discovered.

Track listing:
1. Into Eternity
2. Depression
3. Tears
4. Asleep
5. The Chill Within
6. Visions
7. Twisted Emotions
8. Forever Gone
9. Passed Away

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MG 2762