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Devastation -Idolatry lp


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve and die-cut cover. Limited 250 copies

Idolatry was thrash metal band Devastation’s acclaimed third album. It was with this album that Devastation finally managed to create some lasting, even remarkable music. Idolatry must be one of the finest hours from the last years of the classic thrash metal era and also one of the heaviest albums ever made. Produced by Scott “Death” Burns, the sound of this recording is incredibly thick and heavy, complete with constant double bass drumming, and the music could be almost mistaken for death metal if it weren’t for the harsh, powerful vocals that feel just right at last. Every track on this album is a crushing piece of aggression, speed and heaviness, and together the songs build an unsurpassable wall of thunder. Even the lyrics have some new kind of maturity and reason in them while not getting totally preachy. After a couple of mediocre, mostly forgettable efforts from Devastation, the brilliance of Idolatry came as a total surprise and today it’s widely considered a thrash metal masterpiece.

Track listing:
1. Deliver The Suffering
2. Freewill
3. Forsaken Hatred
4. Souls Of Sacrifice
5. Idolatry
6. Legacy Of Faith
7. Subconscious
8. Never Believe

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Repulsive Echo / Lusitanian Music Records

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RE10 / L16009-1

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