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Devastation – Signs Of Life


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Right from the very first moments, Devastation's second album seems like an improvement over ‘Violent Termination’. ‘Signs Of Life’ is not only better produced but also more intense than the debut release. The vocals are now ordinary shouts and come across as more convincing. Despite the improved production, musically Signs Of Life is not radically different from Violent Termination, though, as it is still thrash metal with shades of Slayer and Dark Angel but with a kind of edge most Texas metal bands are known to call their own. Granted, the music is energetic and all. 1999 re-issue Track listing. 1. Eye For An Eye 2. Desolation 3. Manic Depressive 4. Signs Of Life 5. Retribution 6. Tomorrow We Die 7. Contaminated 8. Fear Of The Unknown 9. Escape To Violence

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