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Devils Poison ‎–Street Metal Attack cd


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Devils Poison is a speed metal act from Chile have been going since 2012. First under the banner of Sodomia but they changed name to Devils Poison in 2015. And after a bunch of demo, split and single releases spread in the underground and having spat devilish blasphemies to a bunch of drunkards in underground venues in Chile it was finally time to record their debut album. Street Metal Attack features twelve tunes of black speed metal devoted to the evil sound of old school black 80s thrash / speed metal with an overdose of punk attitude. Devils Poison delivers, violence, intolerance, Satan worshipping, alcohol abuse and chaos through evil metal.

Track list:
1. Street Metal Attack
2. Alcoholic Rock N Roller Impulsive Evil Loser (A.R.I.E.L.)
3. Fuck You All
4. Satanic Beerdrinkers
5. Whiskey Sacrifice
6. Black Speed Metal Disaster
7. Destroy
8. Till Die
9. Satans Poison
10. Demonangel
11. S.S.S.
12. Try Suicide

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