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Devilyn – Reborn In Pain


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Devilyn's first album, 1997's ‘Anger’, had introduced this Polish band as technically competent purveyors of unfortunately deja-vu death metal in the veins of Morbid Angel and Deicide, which just tended to lack personality; additionally, I didn't feel that Devilyn succeeded in delivering the evilness or the unhallowed atmospheres that an album like ‘Covenant’ exudes. Their second release, ‘Reborn in Pain’, despite boasting more intricate, mature compositions and musicianship, sadly falls into the same sort of trap — sure, ‘Reborn in Pain’ is a good, extreme death metal album, but its energy fails to smack me in the face the way bands like Vader, Cryptopsy or Deranged do, and their music just doesn't strike me as being as dark as they would like it to be. Devilyn are indeed skilled musicians, extreme composers, and probably live their death metal to the very end of their toenails, but they don't provoke the massive and addictive rush of adrenaline that some referential bands tapping the same musical vein as them, such as the aforementioned Morbid Angel or Vader, unfailingly deliver. Despite these unconvinced observations, ‘Reborn in Pain’ nonetheless represents a vast improvement on ‘Anger’, and since Devilyn are far from being as overrated or big-headed as Deicide, it is more than likely that they will evolve to spawn a fine release in their future career. Track listing: 1. Reborn In Pain 2. Scoff 3. Messiah For The Blind Fools 4. Dead's Prayer 5. Banished Of Alive 6. Song Of Suffer 7. Final Truth 8. Darkness Feller 9. Your Fear, My Power 10. Without Mercy, Without Glory 11. To Be Awaken In The Nightmares

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