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Dew-Scented -Intermination lp [green]


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Dark green vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 300 numbered copies

Germany’s Dew-Scented have built a substantial body of work since releasing their debut album Immortale back in 1996. Drawing influence from classic German thrash bloodlines and manipulating them into their own deathlier take on modern thrash, the band has plugged away through an almost comical amount of line-up changes to arrive at their tenth full-length album, Intermination. Dew-Scented’s instrumental abilities can never be doubted, regardless of who is manning the weaponry. The music rips and burns at a cracking pace, with guitarist’s Marvin Vriesde and Rory Hansen delivering a constant flurry of fast, gritty thrash riffs and harmonies punctuated by surprisingly deft and tasteful soloing. The album has no surprises, just honest carved in stone legacy continuing without shedding the dust out of its merits. With blinks towards Slayer, aspects that just couldn’t be ignored throughout almost every Dew-Scented release, Intermination maintains the band’s sheer nature at cracking things up, making the pit as bloody as possible without taking prisoners. Although a bit behind of “Icarus” and its previous contender, “Invocation”, Dew-Scented expressed their obsession with extreme Thrash with high rated musicianship and a sense of toughness.

Track list:
1. Declaration Of Intent
2. On A Collision Course
3. Scars Of Creation
4. Affect Gravity
5. Means To An End
6. Ode To Extinction
7. Demon Seed
8. Power Surge
9. Ruptured Perpetually
10. Living Lies
11. Atavistic
12. Reborn
13. Radiation Sickness-Repulsion cover

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