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Dia Psalma -Djupa Skogen cd


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Djupa Skogen (Deep Forest) was the first album to be released by the Swedish punk group Dia Psalma after they were reunited in 2006, their fourth studio album overall. It features eleven brand new tracks as well as a remake of their song Oga For Oga (Eye For An Eye). The only single of the album was Som Man Ar (As You Are). The album peaked at position 13 on the Swedish album charts in 2007.

Track list:
1. Norrsken
2. Losningen
3. Blod
4. Spelet Helvetet
5. Har Och Nu
6. Barn Av Eran Tid
7. Som Man Ar
8. Saknaden
9. Precis
10. Mitt Fonster
11. Oga For Oga
12. Historien

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Kaos Och Skrål Records

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