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Diabolical Masquerade -Nightwork lp


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Diabolical Masquerades third album. The band consists of Anders Nystrom (aka Blackheim) from the genious depressing/gothic metal band Katatonia and Dan Swano. Nightwork might be the best written album by the band and its showcasing brilliant and beautiful epic melodies that carry you off into another world. Atmospheric haunting horror black metal

1. Rider On The Bonez
2. Dreadventurous
3. The Zkeleton Keyz To The Dead
4. Thiz Ghoultimate Omen
5. All Onboard The Perdition Hearse
6. The Eeerie Obzidian Cirkuz
7. Haunted By Horror
8. Cryztalline Fiendz

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