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Diabolos Rising -Blood Vampirism And Sadism lp [yellow]


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Original 1995 release on yellow vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 300 copies

Industrial darkwave misanthropic metal project by Mikka Luttinen of Impaled Nazarene and Magus Vampyr Daoloth of Necromantia. In the year 1996, Diabolos Rising released their second album called ‘Blood, Vampirism, Sadism’, through Osmose Productions. The music was very much in the style of the first album. Still the weird mix of techno, black metal, industrial with satanic lyrics. The vocals are done by both musicians. This stuff is really not for sensitive souls. The second album also features Divad from Necromantia on guitar.

Track listing:
1. Satanic Propaganda (S.N.T.F. Rising)
2. Blood Lunar Cult
3. Blood Communion
4. Ilsa, She-Wolf Of The S.S.
5. Sadism Unbound
6. Mantle Of Suffering
7. Necromanteion
8. Ashes To Ashes, Flesh To Dust

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Osmose Records / Kron-H Records

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SPV 08-20531 LP

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