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Diamond Dogs –Among The Non Believers mcd


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After making highly acclaimed demo tapes with star producer Max Martin the members of Diamond Dogs moved to Stockholm upon finding fame in 1992 and debut album Honked was recorded in Sunlight Studio with inimitable producer Tomas Skogsberg. The first single Blue Eyes Shouldn’t Be Cryin launched in 1993 made its way to a rotation on MTV’s classic hard rock show Headbangers Ball. Singer Sören Sulo Karlsson and Henrik The Duke of Honk Widen had to take a break in 1997 when guitarist Anders Bobby Lee Fett Lindström became a full member of The Hellacopters. When Hellacopters touring was over the band made a restart with the 2000 mini album, Among The Non-Believers. Their name Diamond Dogs probably makes you think of David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust and its not entirely wrong, because the bands musical roots lie in the rock n roll of the seventies: early punk, a little glam, a lot of rock, a lot of rock n roll.

Track list:
1. Bite Off
2. Weekend Monster
3. Lunatic, Eye-Rolling Delivery
4. Position Right Here
5. Slim Busty Blonde (Part II)

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