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Diamond Head -Live At The BBC 1982 lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 500 copies

One of the most remarkable talents to rise out of the NWOBHM, Diamond Heads legacy still ranks among the most influential of the genre, with both Megadeth and Metallica citing the group’s influence on them. Sounds magazine’s metal editor Geoff Barton once remarked that “there are more good riffs in your average single Diamond Head song than there are in the first four Black Sabbath albums.” Such lavish praise had been sparked by the band’s unassuming, independently recorded first album (later commonly referred to as the “White Album” or “Lightning To The Nations”), which by all rights should have been just the first step on the road to a legendary career. This album features BBC material from Paris Theatre in London 1982 and their Reading Festival set from 1982, described by the band as “the peak of their career… as good as it got.”

Track list:
1. Am I Evil?-Reading Festival August 27, 1982
2. Borrowed Time-Reading Festival August 27, 1982
3. Don’t You Ever Leave-Reading Festival August 27, 1982
4. Play It Loud-Reading Festival August 27, 1982
5. Borrowed Time-Paris Theatre November 6, 1982
6. Heat Of The Night-Paris Theatre November 6, 1982
7. To Heaven From Hell-Paris Theatre November 6, 1982
8. Sucking My Love-Paris Theatre November 6, 1982

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