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Dick Smith Band –Givin The Game Away lp


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Dick Smith Band was formed in the spring of 1978 in New Brighton, Merseyside, England and were caught up in the now famous NWOBHM era. The band gigged heavily and managed to do 600 gigs during their four years in existence, mainly in North West of England and Scotland. The band released two vinyl singles; Motorway Madness in 1979 and The Way Of The World in 1980. Both singles have become much sought after by NWOBHM collectors. To celebrate the 40th anniversary sicne the band made their first gig the band decided to re-release their second single, The Way Of The World, as a 12” with one bonus live track. The two studio tracks were recorded at the Amazon Studios in Liverpool in 1980 while the rare live tracks will give you a glimpse of what it could be to see and hear this band live. The live version of Motorway Madness was recorded at the Birkenhead’s Sir James Club on New Years Eve 1981. 1200 fans were crammed pack into the club and the live version was mixed by the legendary Ac/dc live engineer man Paul Pab Boothroyd, who started his life on the road as a sound man to Dick Smith Band. Pab recorded this using only a mike at the back of the room by the desk … the song cuts out after about 6 minutes or so because the 40 year old tape failed but the band didnt want to alter it in any way as it captures the energy of the night.

Track list:
1. Givin The Game Away
2. Way Of The World
3. Motorway Madness-live

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