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Diecold -Rebirth MC


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Hungarian pressed music cassette. Black cassette with white text. Limited 100 copies

Szeged, Hungary black metal project Diecold is mentored by Shadow (a.k.a. Robert Kenez) of Dusk, Marblebog and Tuman reputation. The band released the Black Metal Warriors demo in 2003 and then this first full length album Rest In Hell in 2006. After that it would take 16 years before the band finally released their album fittingly called, Rebirth. Their comeback album is conceived in the spirit and mania of true old-school black/thrash/speed metal, powered by the muscular riffs of punk black n roll. In their themes, the underworld, ancient beliefs and legends, human stupidity, and the black plague of our time come to life, mixed with a large dose of black humor and some misanthropy. Their 33-minute material races from song to song at a wicked speed and evokes the legacies of such iconic bands as Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer, or Darkthrone. Their dirty punk/black song A Bukott Angyal, which opens the album and pays tribute to the lord of hell, also reinforces this era. Raw themes without frills, razor-sharp short solos, drums galloping like horses, and anguished, hoarse vocals, these dominate the chaos of almost all their songs from beginning to end.

Track list:
1. A Bukott Angyal
2. Tartarosz
3. A Masvilag Sarja
4. Fekete Femszív
5. A Nyughatatlan
6. Sapadt Ozvegy 1614
7. Deus Contra Diabolus
8. A Vírus Koronaja
9. Az Ördög Vetelytarsa
10. J.A. Must Die

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