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Dimmu Borgir ‎–In Sorte Diaboli lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. This is not numbered and doesn’t come with any 7″ that the back cover says

For what the release is it’s very entertaining and certainly refreshing, they pulled off the attempt of a concept album well! With more interesting guitar work and improved keyboard arrangement & clean vocals, this album is certainly one of the darkest ones they’ve released in a while!

Track listing:
1. The Serpentine Offering
2. The Chosen Legacy
3. The Conspiracy Unfolds
4. The Sacrilegious Scorn
5. The Fallen Arise
6. The Sinister Awakening
7. The Fundamental Alienation
8. The Invaluable Darkness
9. The Foreshadowing Furnace

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Nuclear blast records

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NB 1862-1

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