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Dimmu Borgir/Old Mans Child – Sons Of Satan – Gather For Attack


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Originally released in 1999 by Hammerheart Records to take advantage of the great attention that this two bands were getting worldwide at that time, both recorded by Hot Records: Dimmu Borgis ‘Devil’s Path’ from 1996 and Old Mans Child ‘In The Shades of Life’ (the demo that gave them a contract for their debut album). Devil’s Path: After the great success of their two first albums, Dimmu Borgir moved on a new direction, changing only a little bit; this EP shows a band that is more aggressive, faster and more open to what would be their best release, still to come (Enthrone Darkness Triumphant). The original version of Master of Disharmony here is heavier, faster and rawer than the one found on Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, in a single word: better. Devil’s Path, the only original song here is by far the best, showing a great combination of fast/aggressive and slow/dark parts, simply great. And the cover of Celtic Frost is well done, but one should be enough, don’t you think? Nevertheless, it was a good choice and a good performance. The crappy sound from the original recording was replaced by a remastered sound, with an excellent result. Devil's Path is also remarkable for being the first appearance of Nagash, already involved in Troll and Covenant (or The Kovenant), two well-respected names in the Norway scene, and who would be transcendental in the years to come for this band. It’s also necessary to mention that Shagrath had to take care of keyboards here, since Stian Aarstad had to go to the army. In The Shades Of Life: an impressive debut for Old Mans Child, great, powerful and catchy songs with the style that has characterized this great band from its beginning. The product overall is better than the Dimmu Borgir part, with a better, cleaner production. Great work from Galder and Co. Special recognition to Tjodalv for playing drums in both parts and doing it greatly. Re-released in January 2004 by Karmageddon Media (ex-Hammerheart) with different cover artwork. Track listing: Dimmu Borgir –Devils Path – 1996 1. Master Of Disharmony 2. Devil's Path 3. Nocturnal Fear-Celtic Frost cover 4. Nocturnal Fear (Celtically Possessed)-Celtic Frost cover Old Mans Child – In The Shades Of Life 5. St. Aidens Fall 6. Seeds Of The Ancient Gods 7. Manet Sorgfull Igjennom Skogen 8. The Old Man's Child 9. Og Jeg Iakttok Dødsrikets Inntog

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