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Dio -Angry Machines lp


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Black vinyl with black and white lyric insert. Limited 400 copies

Ronnie, Tracy, Jeff, and Vinnie unleashed the underrated Strange Highways in 1994 and two years later came the Angry Machines album which, sadly, can be described as Dio pushing the previous album to be even harder and angrier. This resulting is an album filled with different ideas but without any form of cohesion. It feels like a mix of Crowbar, Pantera with a tiny bit of Sabbath, still filled with Dios great vocals. When interviewed about this album, by the Rolling Stone magazine, which was not received well by fans or critics, he stated that he didn’t want to give up metal but he wasnt really even sure what metal was at that time. I can sympathize with him for an answer like that. 1996 was a repetitive bore fest of Pantera. groove movement and the dark hell of post-technical brutal death metal. It wasnt a sell out but it showed an artist that had been around in the business longer than many other that tried to find a new direction. There is absolutely nothing wrong here with Dios singing, Tracey Gs playing, Jeff Pilsons bass work or Vinnies drumming and the album isnt just bad, it still has 3 or maybe 4 good songs it just feels weak comparing to his other albums.

Track listing:
1. Institutional Man
2. Don’t Tell The Kids
3. Black
4. Hunter Of The Heart
5. Stay Out Of My Mind
6.Big Sister
7. Double Monday
8. Golden Rules
9. Dying In America
10. This Is Your Life

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