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Diocletian ‎–Annihilation Rituals dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

Hailing from New Zealand, Diocletian is a death/black metal band that plays intense and raw metal that is some relentless listen, full of intensity, noise, and violence. Diocletian essentially blends the war like qualities of Revenge, but play more varied music than their influences. There are plenty of doom sections, blast beats, and really memorable riffs everywhere. Not only that, they understand that structure is an important aspect to making songs, so riffs are arranged effectively, and provide the listener with many parts to grab on to. Annihilation Rituals is a compilation that features their debut demo from 2005, the Decimator EP, the Sects Of Swords EP and the material from the split album with Denouncement Pyre. Fans of Canadian cults such as Blasphemy and Revenge, or Australian hordes like Bestial Warlust and Destruktor will not want to miss this album, or anything from Diocletian for that matter.

Track list:
1. Annihilation Ritual-demo 2005
2. Infinite Destruction-demo 2005
3. Doom Cult-demo 2005
4. Nex-Decimator EP 2007
5. Decimator-Decimator EP 2007
6. Order Of The Iron Fist-Decimator EP 2007
7. Master/Enslaver-Decimator EP 2007
8. Gesundrian-Chaos Rising Split 2008
9. Doom Cult Gesundrian-Chaos Rising Split 2008
10. Annihilation Ritual Gesundrian-Chaos Rising Split 2008
11. Infinite Destruction-Sect Of Swords EP 2008
12. Sect Of Swords-Sect Of Swords EP 2008
13. Weltering In Blood-Sect Of Swords EP 2008

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