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Dirty Blonde –Passion cd


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If you want some real Sunset Strip glam metal then this ones for you. Dirty Blonde was not just another band in heels that released a couple cassette tapes and didn’t make it out of the Coconut Teaszer. This was a band that dominated Hollywood, took no prisoners, recorded a full length album and was featured on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. This is a 30 years anniversary re-issue of their album Passion. This baby spikes the vein from the first note with I Got The Itch and keeps motoring down Sunset till the final note of 2 Cool 4 School. Everything in between is pure Glam Metal bliss with songs like Restless, Young And Wild, the MTV single Passion as well as the catchy Girls Nite Out and Ladies In Mercedes. These boys had the looks, the hooks and flaunted it all on this great album that should have been bigger then it was. If you love your Glam Metal dripping in sleaze and sexual innuendo then you have come to the right place and to the right album. If this baby doesn’t bring you steam rolling back to the glory days of Rock N Roll then I don’t know what will. Highly addictive and highly recommended listening

Track list:
1. I Got The Itch
2. Restless, Young & Wild
3. Passion
4. Sad Teresa
5. (That’s When) Push Comes To Shove
6. Girls Nite Out
7. Hooked On Lovin’ You
8. Hearts On Fire
9. Whiskey In My Veins
10. Ladies In Mercedes
11. Bad Bad Leroy Brown
12. Dynomite
13. 2 Cool 4 School

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Demon Doll Records / Metal Legacy Records

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DDR141 / ML041