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Dirty Looks –S/t cd


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Still sealed 2010 re-release with one bonus track

They just wanted to rock! So when Erie, Pennsylvania cover band Crossfire called it a day, Danish born vocalist/guitarist, Henrik Ostergaard, and fellow Crossfire bassist Jimmy Chartley packed up and headed to the west coast (San Francisco to be exact)…and Dirty Looks was born. With a small self-titled ep already under their belt, Dirty Looks would release its first full length album of the same name in 1984 on Sticky Records. Axe Killer Records (France) would pick up this album a year later and give it a bigger production. Meanwhile, back in the states, bands like Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, and Ratt were putting a very public face on hard rock music. So it was really no wonder why local radio stations were spinning Dirty Looks, especially with the lofty comparisons to Bon Scott and Ac/dc. However, trials and tribulations would eventually cause the band to break-up and head back to Pennsylvania. Dirty Looks would eventually regroup with the addition of bassist Jack Pyers. The band with the core duo of Henrik and Jack would then release two more independently produced albums in the next two years. 1986 saw the release of In Your Face which garnered a lot of airplay on the reputable Z-Rock. In 2009 it was finally time to re-release these three uber-rare gems on cd for the first time ever…and to a worldwide audience. Make sure you pick up remastered versions of the first 3 indie Dirty Looks albums: Dirty Looks, In Your Face, and I Want More.

Track list:
1. She’s A Rocker
2. Can’t Take My Eyes (Off Of You)
3. You Can’t Take Me
4. Put A Spell On You
5. Get Off
6. Tokyo
7. On Your Back
8. Let Me Go
9. Oh Ruby
10. Undercover
11. Nevermore

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