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Disarmonia Mundi ‎–Fragments Of D-Generation cd


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2009 re-issue on Coroner records

It was with their second album, Fragments Of D-generation, that things really took off for Disamornia Mundi and the reason is simple. The band added the brainchild of Swedens Soilwork, namely multi-instrumentalist Bjorn “Speed” Strid, to the line-up The album has an enormous Gothenburg influence. Gone are the prog parts of their debut album and here we have all the melodeath pieces of a Gothenburg classic: Fast paced chops and shreds, leads that will soothe the living piss out of you in a proficient manner that’s not too show offy, well timed, precise, blisterring drumwork, and a few added materials such as a combination of deep gutteral barks and high pitched shrieks, and clean harmonies thorughout each track. Nearly every moment of this album wreaks of professionalism. If you can consider yourself a melodeath addict or a fan of Soilwork then you just need this one.

Track list:
1. Common State Of Inner Violence
2. Morgue Of Centuries
3. Red Clouds
4. Quicksand Symmetry
5. Swallow The Flames
6. Oceangrave
7. A Mirror Behind
8. Come Forth My Dreadful One
9. Shattered Lives And Broken Dreams
10. Colors Of A New Era

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