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Disastrous Murmur –Where The Blood For Ever Rains lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 333 numbered copies

Austrian death metal act Disastrous Murmur would go on and release some great death metal releases. The band started back in 1988 and released a couple of demos before releasing their debut, Rhapsodies In Red, on Osmose records in 1992. The newly founded Napalm Records caught up with their fellow countrymen in Disastrous Murmur and released this mini album the same year featuring material recorded during those demo years. Fans of gore and horror death metal like Mortician probably knows about this band already as Mortician covered Extra Uterine Pregnancy on their Darkest Day Of Horror album. The four tracks that dates back to 1988 are the highlight here with the deep throat growls, shredding guitar playing, catchy riffs. It has everything that death metal is but with an added touch of grindcore. Its then easy to think that the two tracks from the 1990 session would be even better but its actually the opposite as they both suffer some poor production, with the bass too loud in the mix and the vocals sounds weaker. This actually means a lot as the 1988 session is still raw demo material.

Track list:
1. Extra Uterine Pregnancy Part 1
2. Into The Dungeon
3. Ptomaine Poisoning
4. Molten Gristle
5. Satisfaction In The Morgue
6. Suppurative Frontal Sinusistis
7. Extra Uterine Pregnancy Part 1
8. Into The Dungeon
9. Ptomaine Poisoning
10. Molten Gristle
11. Satisfaction In The Morgue
12. Suppurative Frontal Sinusistis

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