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Disengage ‎–Application For An Afterlife cd


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Formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1995, Disengage plays some pretty decent heavy music that teeters on the line between stoner rock and hardcore, all with a bit of a punk undercurrent. The band has released material with Man’s Ruin in the past; however, Application For An Afterlife is on a new label and its the bands third full length overall. If you will, imagine the bustling bottom-end heaviness of Helmet, the fuzzed-out goodness of Kyuss, and a punk edge a la Black Flag and you get the basic idea of what Disengage is all about. Combine this with Jason Byers unique vocals and intelligent lyrics and we have ourselves a meaty slab of driving, hard rock for the thinking man. I’ve heard talk of a Black Sabbath influence, and it does indeed shine through occasionally, but I feel Kyuss is far more accurate. The influence is subtle, keeping it from being labelled within the realm of stoner rock, but it is worth mentioning. Application For An Afterlife is solid all the way around, which can’t be said for many albums. The band’s sound is nearly perfected, and the songwriting is consistent, but there frankly isn’t much to grab on to.

Track list:
1. Pharmacyland
2. University Of Texas Militia
3. Give Thanks
4. Fever Dreams
5. In Touch
6. Bruise
7. Cover The Globe
8. Love Letter Rough Draft
9. Death Threat
10. Los Angeles
11. Uncommon Mind
12. We Were The Ogre Of Brucewood
13. District 2 Electric Boogaloo
14. Left Without A Voice

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Daredevil Records / Swell Creek Records

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DD027 / SWCR-015