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Disheartened ‎–The End mcd


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Disheartened is a Russian one man band project hailing from Svobodny. The man behind all instruments is Alexey Shichenko and he classifies his music as atmospheric black metal. If you want to try to explain it deeper than something like a melancholic, depressive and at the same time beautiful peace with post-metal sheen and black shoegaze prettiness, enlivened with nature-based field recordings and soft orchestral music backing. There are four tracks but in each the music is not all that distinct so listeners can choose to hear out the album as one over-arching work. It really does flow beautiful like a waterfall and fans of ambient and instrumental black metal can check this out. Excessive keyboard work can be noticed throughout the EP but it all blends in well. I wouldnt call this a unique or a stand out release in anyway but its well composed and nicely produced and it sounds as unique as the next atmospheric black metal record you probably come across. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check this out. Maybe you will end up doing what i have done and kept spinning this on repeat as background music while working

Track list:
1. Depressed
2. Through The Desolate Waves
3. Disheartened
4. The End

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Snow Falls Forever Records

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SFF 02

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