Need quality death metal fast? press...
Need quality death metal fast, press...

Dismember -S/t lp [marbled]


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2023 remastered press on gold marbled vinyl

Dismember are back with a blast. These guys have lost nothing in terms of intensity. The sheer pace and passion of the songs are blistering and the vocals sound as pissed off as ever. Powerful riffs that are not in short demand, plenty of lead works and amazingly melodic harmonies are what the metal scene needed and Dismember have them in huge spades !

Track listing:
1. Death Conquers All
2. Europa Burns
3. Under A Blood Red Sky
4. The Hills Have Eyes
5. Legion
6. Tide Of Blood
7. Combat Fatigue
8. No Honour In Death
9. To End It All
10. Dark Depth
11. Black Sun

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Nuclear blast records

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NBR 68631