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Disparaged from Zurich in Switzerland was formed back in 1999. They debuted in 2002 with the mini album Deathtrap, which spread like fire in the underground. The first full length album, Overload, was released in August of 2003 and it more or less connects where the Deathtrap EP ended. Overlust is a filthy piece of aggressive Death Metal. Bored Beyond Belief opens the album with a movie sample before the blast beats and saw riffs comes in and vocalist Tom Kuzmic has a rich and deep voice. Overlust is a great debut album and the samples enriches the overall impression of the album. It wont be looked back upon as a milestone release of the genre but still a high quality release and fans of brutal death metal should check this out

Track list:
1. Bred Beyond Belief
2. The Art Of Deceit
3. Devils Kiss
4. Life Undone
5. Godking
6. Necropressor
7. Unlocked
8. Wicked
9. Velvet Glove
10. Overlust
11. Conqueror Of The Apocalypse

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