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Dissect –Presage To The Eternity 10″ [splatter]


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Gold and black splatter vinyl with insert. Limited 100 copies

The early 90s was an exciting time in the metal history. This was the time of early death metal and most band were still trying to find their identity and there were no real rules in the genre yet. It was all about taking thrash metal and trying to make it a bit more extreme. Nowadays death metal fans are digging up every release they can find from that period, no matter if its full length albums from the high profile acts of Florida, New York, and Stockholm, to the underground gems that only released a vinyl single and werent able to take it to the next level.There were also plenty of bands that managed to release one album before packing it in. Most of these are worth digging up as the quality was consistently high. One of those bands were Dissect from Holland that released three demos in the early years of the ninetees before releasing their one and only album Swallow Swouming Mass several years later in 1997. The album might have been released a bit too late to count as an important release in the genre but it definitely showed that the band were able to take ideas from Entombed and Morbid Angel and make a solid and brutal death metal release. Presage To The Eternity was the bands second demo and it was released in 1992. Back then Dissect was a proud entity that werent influenced by their neigbours Sinister, Gorefest or Pestilence. Instead they sound more Scandinavian in style and the demo also sounds very primitive, raw and putrid and maybe that why it took those extra years to get a record deal.

Track list:
1. Presage To The Etenity
2. Spontaneous Diarhoea
3. Gals Of The Eternal Solstice
4. Pulsating Blood
5. Disembowelment Pt.1-outro

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