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Dissection -Live In Stockholm dlp [red]


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2022 re-issue on red vinyls

The ultimate concert experience with the band’s sold-out show at Arenan, Stockholm, October 30th, 2004. Loads of early classics as well as material from their last full length, ‘Reinkaos’. The intro “At The Fathomless Depths” is listed as the first track on the sleeve, this is incorrect as only the last few seconds are heard before “Night’s Blood” starts

Track listing:
1. At The Fathomless Depths
2. Night’s Blood
3. Frozen
4. Soulreaper
5. Where Dead Angels Lie
6. Retribution – Storm Of The Light’s Bane
7. Unhallowed
8. Thorns Of Crimson Death
9. In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
10. The Somberlain
11. A Land Forlorn

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FRW Music Records

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FDDL 0017