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Distillator -Summoning The Malicious lp [red/orange]


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Orange/red swirl vinyl. Limited 300 copies

Raging out from the Netherlands comes the thrash act Distillator, a speed-focused project that took formation back in 2013. They’ve dropped two full-lengths and a split since then, the latest full-length hitting in 2017 titled Summoning The Malicious. It won’t take long to gather that their stick focuses on technological and government advancement, and the destructive outcome of both. Song titles like Algorithmic Citizenship or Mechanized Existence should give that away. Fans of old school thrash metal that likes bands that can cast out one speed-riff after another, followed with solos that are clear and catchy.

Track list:
1. Blinded By Chauvinism
2. Mechanized Existence
3. Estates Of The Realm
4. Summoning The Malicious
5. Enter The Void
6. Algorithmic Citizenship
7. Stature Of Liberty
8. The King Of Kings
9. Megalomania

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