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Distortion To Hell And Back Vol 3cd


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Volume 3 of this rare compilation of great underground crust d beat hardcore punk bands. Thsi time around we dont only have bands from Sweden. Forgardur Helvitis is a frantic core band from Iceland.

Track list:
1. No Solution -Victims Of A War
2. No Solution -Prejudice Against Refugees
3. No Solution -Backstick Boy
4. Forgardur Helvitis -Meat With A Hole
5. Forgardur Helvitis -Thanks
6. Forgardur Helvitis -Resurrection
7. Forgardur Helvitis -Whore
8. Svårsmält -Apatiskt Liv
9. Svårsmält -Police State
10. Svårsmält -Computerized Life
11. Disregard -Chaos
12. Disregard -Innocent Children
13. N.W.S (New World Slaughtered) -Selfindulgent
14. N.W.S (New World Slaughtered) -Human Rights Slaughtered
15. N.W.S (New World Slaughtered) -Blind And Stupid
16. N.W.S (New World Slaughtered) -Lyrical Bullshit
17. N.W.S (New World Slaughtered) -Skånejävel
18. Downward Spiral -Monster Inside
19. Downward Spiral -Mindblaster
20. Downward Spiral -Can You See Me
21. Counterblast -Tissue Of Lies

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