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Diva Noctua Entropia –Transerpentual cd


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Diva Noctua Entropia is a melodic black metal band from Kalamata, Greece. Their debut album, Transerpentual, was released in 2003 and it features guest vocals by Sakis from Rotting Christ. Transerpentual is quite an interesting album to dwelve into. It has some odd arranging and structuring and the band can throw in some unexpected things. If you dont need black metal that are kvlt or true but are a bit open minded then this is quite entertaining. This debut album is more into melodic black metal then the follow up, Be Sinking In Marshland, which add even more twists and turns.

Track list:
1. You Will Not Kill
2. Tranquil He Slays
3. Two Teeth
4. Anatasatana
5. A Sudden Interest For Snake
6. Here To Torment The Likes Of You
7. Transerpentual
8. No Hand Path
9. All Shall Love Me And Despair

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