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Dizziness -On The Rocks lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 300 copies

Melodic hard rock from Norrkoping, Sweden. Dizziness has one track on a compilation album and released a two track maxi single in 1985. ‘Playing With Fire’ were released on the small Bjornspar label. A full album’s worth of material was recorded but remained vaulted when their label went under. With the ousting of guitarist Stefan Wallman and switching singers from Tomas Naeslund to Jonas Blum the other members en masse forged Pole Position. In later years guitarist Lars Boquist forged Reptilian. Now finally this unreleased album sees the light of day. On The Rocks was recorded in 1986 but never released because the record company tried to sell the production to a major label. Time went without succeeding in selling it away. In the beginning of 1987, an American manager that was living in Sweden at the moment, gets to hear the amazing material and wanted to take the band to Usa and get a major label to sign the band. The trip was planned to the end of May but never happened… and that was the finally nail in the coffin of Dizziness. So here it is, On The Rocks with the Playing With Fire 12 single from 1985 as bonus. If you adore Swedish hardrock / melodic metal like Europe, Silver Mountain and Universe then check this out

Track listing:
1. Playing With Fire
2. Victim Of Love
3. Heart Beatin Woman
4. Take It Or Leave It
5. Snowblind
6. Power
7. On The Rocks
8. I Tell You Again
9. Midnight Lover

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