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Dodheimsgard – Satanic Art


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DHG was originally formed in 1994 under the moniker Dodheimsgard is a conjunction of three words: Dod which means death, Heim which means home and Gard which means (at least in this context) mansion. A natural translation of Dodheimsgard into English would be ‘The Mansion Of Death’, alternatively ‘The Realm Of The Dead/Death’. This EP catches Dodheimsgard moving from the more straight-ahead, raw black metal style of the band's first two albums (Kronet Til Konge and Monumental Possession) and into the futuristic, experimental mode of its third full-length (666 International). But more than just a transitional effort, Satanic Art stands on its own as a daring, defiant piece of work, with three excellent songs bookended by a pair of solo pieces ("Oneiroscope" and the cleverly titled "Wrapped in Plastic"). "Traces of Reality," at nearly six minutes, is the standout: a blasting, industrial-tinged black metal track interspersed with violin soloing, warped voice effects, and a stately piano interlude (reprised from the first track). This song alone should make Satanic Art of interest to Dodheimsgard fans, but the whole release adds up to a fascinating although brief (at just 16-plus minutes) listen. Track listing: 1. Oneiroscope 2. Traces of Reality 3. Symptom 4. The Paramount Empire 5. Trapped In Plastic

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