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Dokken -Erase The Slate lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl. Limited 500 numbered copies

George Lynch departed the Dokken reunion following 1997’s Shadowlife, handing the reins over to ex-Winger guitarist Reb Beach. Beach has more than enough chops to fill Lynch’s shoes, and although he brings his own musical personality to the riffs and solos, the songs’ melodies are still recognizably Dokken. Unfortunately, those melodies are typical of post-reunion Dokken more often than not, with the band seemingly struggling to come up with the big chorus hook and just not quite getting there (a problem, come to think of it, that sometimes plagued the band in their heyday as well). Although Beach acquits himself well, the songwriting ultimately sinks the record; besides, at this stage of the game, it’s difficult to believe Don Dokken when he sings “I must confess, I’m the maddest hatter of them all.” Erase the Slate is workmanlike retro-’80s hard rock at its best, and thoroughly unmemorable at its worst.

Track list:
1. Erase The Slate
2. Change The World
3. Maddest Hatter
4. Drown
5. Shattered
6. One
7. Who Believes
8. Voice Of The Soul
9. Crazy Mary Goes Round
10. Haunted Lullabye
11. In Your Honor

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