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Domine – Champion Eternal


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At the beginning of the 90s the metal scene of Italy was limited to only a few bands worth mentioning. But suddenly an explosion occurred and many good bands came forth releasing interesting albums. Domine was one of them. Until 1997 they had some demos recorded and luckily for us their debut album was finally out to kill us! Its title was Champion Eternal and it was truly majestic. The founding members, Paoli brothers with Enrico on the guitars and Ricardo on the bass were accompanied by the well-known Morby of Time Machine on the vocals and ex-Death SS drummer Palmiotta. Though they were not the best musicians around and not particularly skilful, they managed to deliver us some epic, brilliant war hymns with tremendous power and epic feeling. Bands like Manowar, Manilla Road and the prime Fates Warning have given their best elements for the birth of this metal masterpiece. Everything on this album from its raging guitar riffs, magnificent melodies and powerful singing is combined so harmonically and it takes the listener through a unique journey in a land that only Tolkien or Moorcock could invent. This is an amazing epic metal album that ends with the twelve minute The Eternal Champion, a track divided into seven parts and each one creates the perfect atmosphere. This album should be hailed as an everlasting epic metal album. Track listing: 1. Hymn 2. The Mass Of Chaos 3. The Chronicles Of The Black Sword- Part 1: Doomed Lord Dreaming, Part 2: Stormbringer (The Black Sword) 4. The Freedom Flight 5. Army Of The dead (A Suite In 5 Parts)- Part 1: The Vision And The promise, Part 2: Promise Denied, Part 3: Prophecy Fulfilled, Part 4: Army Of The Dead, Part 5: Doomed City 6. The Proclamation 7. Dark Emperor 8. Rising From The Flames 9. The Midnight Meat train 10. The Eternal Champion (A Suite In 7 Parts)- Part 1: Prologue, Part 2: Screaming The Battlecry, Part 3: Blow By Blow (Into The Flight), Part 4: Death Of The Champion, Part 5: Heroes In Tears, Part 6: Destiny Revealed, Part 7: Epilogue

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