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Doro And Rob Halford -Total Eclipse Of The Heart 7″


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2024 single on black vinyl

Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler had a global smash hit back in 1983 with Total Eclipse Of The Heart, written by music maistro Jim Steinman. In 2024 German singer Doro and metal god Rob Halford teamed up to record their cover version of it. Doro says; Rob and I met at Hellfest in France and we were talking, hanging out. And then we said, Hey, let’s do something together. So we did two duets. And the first one is Living After Midnight. That was my choice, because I loved singing it. It was always a feel-good song. And then Rob Halford said, I have the song I always wanted to do with you. It’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart. And that came out so great. When you hear it, you can tell Rob loves the song and I’m so happy. Even two duets, man. That’s more than I can ask for. I’m a lucky baby, I tell you. Rob Halford sounds so great on it. It’s, like, wow. It’s definitely one of my absolute favorite songs of this album, and it sounds really, really special. It is heavy, and it’s, like, wow. It’s very heavy, but it sounds great, I think, yeah. I think it’s a killer version. I always get goosebumps when I hear it. And I think other people who heard it, they thought, Wow.

Track list:
1. Doro And Rob Halford -Total Eclipse Of The Heart-Bonnie Tyler cover
2. Warlocks And Witches
3. Lean Mean Rock Machine
4. Fire In The Sky

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