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Down Among The Dead Men ‎–And You Will Obey Me cd


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Down Among The Dead Men features two death metal veterans; the prolific Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader among many others) and Dave Ingram (ex-Bolt Thrower, ex-Benediction). Their third album, And You Will Obey Me, is a crust-infected old school death metal album. Despite Johansson and Ingram’s grizzled career pathways and longevity in the scene, their determination and dedication to their craft has not wavered at all. The band collectively wield their tools of destruction with veteran expertise and youthful exuberance across an album of short, fast and brutal tracks. In an age of excessive, bloated albums, it’s refreshing to hear one with an unashamedly old school mentality and concise approach to song-writing. …And You Will Obey Me sounds like a bulky, crush-anything-in-its-path war machine with a supercharged engine, keeping the tempos plugged into overdrive most the time, except when letting the melodies breathe, or when stomping out a neck-wrecking groove section. The template is rather straightforward but mighty effective, featuring whiffs of old school American death underneath the dominant Swedeath influence. Down Among The Dead Men is an accomplished act who write solid songs that are easy to kick back and enjoy. …And You Will Obey Me is a fun, consistently solid outing crafted by the dependable hands of a veteran duo with plenty still to offer.

Track list:
1. Destroy The Infinite
2. Axis Of Insanity
3. And You Will Obey Me
4. The End Of Time
5. Omega
6. The House Of Blue Fire
7. The Age Of Steel
8. Eye Of Harmony
9. Darkness Of Glass
10. Panopticon

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