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Downbound Train (Axewitch/Great Gypsy Rockers) – Demo


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Rare original demo with black and white cover artwork Downbound Train was a sleazy hardrock act from Norrkoping, Sweden. The band was formed in 1989 and the members were Morgan MC Hellbound/Mogge Hellman on vocals (The Bad Bones, Peking SS, Great Gypsy Rockers, Nashville Neurotics, Low Riders), Mikael Thomsen on drums (The Bad Bones, Peking SS, Great Gypsy Rockers, Nashville Neurotics, Sonic Surf City, Nerve), Richard Riki Waikiki Warlden on guitar (Sonic Surf City) and Magnus Bonum Hedin on bass (Overflash, Mother Ice Dog, Squawk and bass on Axewitch Hooked On High Heels). Downbound Train released a 4-track demo but im not sure which year this was. Only the last track on the demo (Like A Heatwave) would end up on their 1991 single. The first official release with the band was on the local compilation album SnD Records Vol.1 where they had the two songs Charlies Comin Home and Hate In Vain. That compilation album was released in 1990. Downbound Train returned to KM Studios in Norrkoping to record three tracks for a vinyl single that was released in 1991. A last track would appear on the Backstage Special – Rock cassette compilation released by Backstage magazine in 1991. Track listing: 1. Moonlight Lady 2. Home Sweet Home 3. The Burning Son 4. Like A Heatwave

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