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Dr. Living Dead –Radioactive Intervention lp


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2023 reissue on black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 250 copies

Pretty much continuing where there debut album left off, Radioactive Intervention is an all out, slightly crossover attack, featuring fierce riffage and fast drums. Retro to the bone, the album captures many of the things that made 80s thrash and crossover so awesome. There are plenty of nods to the likes of Slayer, Nuclear Assault, and Suicidal Tendencies – and the whole thing is spiced up by riot yells backing up the Mike Muir-esque vocals. This is in no way innovative music, but Dr. Livingdead is not about being innovative anyway. Dr. Livingdead is all about thrash, and thrash they do on this album. A top 10 thrash metal album of 2012 and no crossover collection would ever be complete without this album.

Track list:
1. Radioactive Intervention
2. You’re Lost
3. Signs From The Other Side
4. The Meaning Of Life
5. They Live
6. Bringer Of Truth
7. Suffering
8. Mental Warzone
9. Life Sucks
10. Hiding Inside Of Me
11. Timeless
12. Dead New World

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High Roller Records

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HRR 271

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