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Drabness -Affliction mcd


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Drabness was a hardcore punk band from Motala, Sweden band members Anders Tillaeus, Martin Lundgren and Sinisa Krnjaic formed Drabness in the summer of 1994. After just a couple of months the band recorded their first demo Trapped. Morgan Gottfridsson joined the band in 1985 and the band started to play a lot of shows in the nearby area and recorded two more demo tapes, Drabness and Mask Of Silence. In 1996 they were approached by the local record label, TPL Records and recorded the Mini CD, Affliction. In the beginning the main influences was bands like Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Refused, Breach, Biohazard and Sick of It All. But around 1997 the members began to be more and more influenced by metal bands like Faith No More, Sepultura and Korn. Their fourth demo Dramatically Uninspired that was released in 1997 resulted in a record deal offer from We Bite Records Europe. However the band decided to turn down on that offer. The band recorded their last demo in 1998 and decided to split up short after that. Some years later, Morgan Gottfridsson moved to Norway while Martin, Sinisa and Anders relocated to Malmo and started a rock pop act called Legrand. During their active years between 1994 and 1998 the band did approx 40 gigs all over Sweden with bands like Snapcase, Refused, Breach and 59 Times the pain to name a few. If youre interested in mid 90s hardcore punk like 59 Times The Pain, Snapcase and bands of that sort then check this group out.

Track listing:
1. You
2. Won’t Let You Fall
3. A Million Lies
4. Tears Of Bitterness
5. Footsteps

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