Dream Death -Live 1989 dlp [orange/black]



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Double album with one orange and one black vinyl

Short-lived crushing 80s doom/death. Members would later move on to Penance, Pentagram and Cathedral. The album was recorded at the Electric Banana in Pittsburgh. This was the club were the band did their first ever live show and they also made their last ever show at the same club. This album features the bands last ever show, which took place on the 9th of April 1989. Its almost the complete show, only one track was omitted from the album and that was The Elder Race and that was because the song was cut on the original source tape

Track listing:
1. Eulogy/Inspite Of You
2. Dying Day
3. A Wayfarers Tale
4. Doom Minstrals
5. Sealed In Blood
6. Black Edifice
7. Born To Suffer
8. The Unseen
9. Dream Death

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Not A Decesare Engle Production

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