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Dream Theater -Multiusos La Cubierta d/cd


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Unless you’re a lapsed Prog fan with a taste for Queensryche-styled metal you probably are oblivious to Dream Theater. Not that the group’s Deadhead-like fans (90% of them males, all either having their own bands or working at music gear stores) could care less; trust me when I tell ya that they are quite secure in their own convictions that they are smarter and cooler than you precisely because they are into D.T. We’ll leave the reductive arguments to bloggers, however, for what we have at hand is, objectively speaking, a near-flawless live recording of the band on the Train Of Thought World Tour 2004, from the European leg that started in the UK on Jan. 6 and wound up in Portugal on Feb. 12. The Madrid concert, recorded at at Multiusos La Cubierta in Madrid, Spain on the 11th of Feburary, was the next-to-last show of the tour and it was broadcast via the Radio 3 digital satellite network.

The spontaneous improve jam following Another Day was NOT Living After Midnight, although it shared a similar progression at one point. – Mike Portnoy

Track listing:
1. As I Am
2. This Dying Soul
3. Under A Glass Moon
4. Keyboard Solo
5. Through My Words
6. Fatal Tragedy
7. Hollow Years
8. War Inside My Eead
9. The Test That Stumped Them All
10. Endless Sacrifice
11. Finally Free
12. Honor Thy Father
13. The One Who Helps To Set The Sun
14. Another Day-with jam
15. Erotomania
16. Voices
17. The Silent Man
18. In The Name Of God
19. Metropolis part 1

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