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Dripping Hörror -Waiting For The Dip MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Red cassette with white text. Limited 100 copies

The debut demo Exploded Insides was released in just 50 copies and it got sold out immediately. So when it was time to record their second demo, Waiting For The Dip, the band continued on their winning formula and returned to The Basement to record another 4 tracks with Nasum member Anders Jakobson as producer. Just like their debut demo the band decided not to overwork the material and did it all in two days. This Swedish band features Joel from Coldworker and Axis Of Despair on vocals, Martin from Arsenite and Evil Conspiracy on bass, Jonte on guitar and ex-Ofermod drummer Simon on drums.

Track list:
1. We’re Filth
2. Waiting For The Drip
3. The Encroaching Dark
4. Cesspool Of Degeneracy

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