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Drudkh ‎-They Often See Dreams About The Spring cd


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Whilst the majority of black metal projects tend to nominate Winter as their chosen province, Drudkh remain devotedly infatuated with more temperate climes, doting in particular upon the transitory seasons forever trapped between two extremes. Coming off the back of an acclaimed split EP with Swiss solo-artist Paysage d’Hiver, the dichotomous evolution evidently proceeds once more, for the autumnal decay conjured on Somewhere Sadness Wanders surrenders to the inevitable rebirth promised by They Often See Dreams About The Spring. Each track here is a temporary slice of organic abundance revelling in the celebratory warmth of life. Drudkh stand at the centre, responsible for all, shaping glass-smooth compositions in the same way a healthy April river caresses her gentle banks. The band’s classic twin-guitar interplay unfurls with the delicacy of periwinkle petals. Split duties see one role reserved largely for low-register rhythmic pulses while the other provides trebly tremolo melodies, crowning the instrumental environment with regal bliss. Appreciably, the bass serves a prominent foundational role in this incredibly balanced mix, and its reassuring rumble is a constant, welcome presence. While the guitars buzz acrobatically through the toasty spring-morning air, one can always rely on the snoozing house cat purring satisfied in the meadow below. Egotism clearly isn’t a notion ever broached in the Ukranians’ camp. Every member locks into the groove and serves a higher purpose to the extent that it becomes difficult extracting one element from the whole. Both the vocals and subtle keyboard textures especially play complementary parts, each adding their characteristic flavour when the moment calls for it, but otherwise hanging back to ensure the broth stays unspoiled. Directing a curious listener towards a de-contextualised example representative of this album’s quality also proves futile. Repetition and minimalist percussion are favoured techniques throughout and induce quite the hypnotic effect, relying on a slow build that pays off over time. Beyond claiming that closer ‘Bilyavyi Den’ Vtomyvsya I prytykh stands out from the pack, discriminating any more precisely seems to me a worthless endeavour. Graceful cohesion and uncompromising fluidity are the keys to success for Drudkh, and as assuredly as Autumn eventually yields to the vitality of …Dreams About The Spring, succeed they do.

Track list:
1. Nakryta Neba Burym Dakhom
2. U Dakhiv Irzhavim Kolossyu
3. Vechirniy Smerk Okutuye Kimnaty
4. Za Zoreyu Scho Striloyu Syaye
5. Bilyavyi Den’ Vtomyvsya I Prytykh

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Season Of Mist Underground Activists Records

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SUA 086

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