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Dubmood ‎–Breaker MC


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French pressed music cassette. Blue glitter cassette with white paper label and slipcase. Limited 50 copies

Dubmood is a crossgenre Swedish chipmusican (real name Kalle Jonnson) living in Marseille who put out his first chiptunes on modarchive back in 1996. Since then he has been composing chipmusic for various crackgroups but residing with the infamous Razor 1911, by FBI described as the oldest software piracy ring on the internet. Since 2004 he has been performing live, both as a Electro-DJ and Chipmusic livesets, alone and in different coalitions. Being an oldie and a style-originator in todays chipmusic-comunity, dubmood earns not only the respect for being mentioned a vital sources of inspiration and the reason for discovering chipmusic by todays new chipmusic-artists, but also he has also been recognised by bigger mainstream acts as a popular producer and remixer. The 2019 Breaker release is the soundtrack to the Breaker game by Daniel Linssen with a weird blend between breakout, space invaders and ikaruga that features an original, responsive soundtrack by Dubmood with sound effects by Martin Kvale. The game version of the soundtrack is divided into two interchangeable set of loops that whose insensitivity mirrors the game play. For practical reasons, the non-game version has been split up and given intros and outros to tie together the different movements from the game into two sonsg. This way it becomes the perfect lounge music for the grown up C64-gamer.

Track list:
1. Breaker A Movement 01-09
2. Breaker B Movement 01-09

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